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    Packaged Development - Mortgage Origination

    Phoenix Bonds is a mortgage loan origination (bond origination) company and we’re here to help you secure end user finance for your packaged development. 

    Our expert bond originators will be with you every step of the way from pre approval of the development, to end user pre-qualifications, approvals, and bond and property registration. 

    How We Assist Pre Approval of Your Development

    Facilitating Pre-approvals with the banks:

    • Dedicated bond originator/consultant throughout the process;
    • Coordinate meetings with each of the banks to present the development (if required);
    • Administer all the paperwork required by the banks;
    • Ensure your development is Approved for end user finance with the major financial institutions, namely:
    • ABSA, FNB, Standard Bank, Nedbank, RMB, Ithala and HIP (Old Mutual)
    • Provide you with Package letters detailing the bank’s approval and conditions (e.g. exposure);
    • Ensure your nominated attorney firm is stipulated on the Package letter; and
    • Manage the exposure on the development as indicated on the Package letter.

    Submitting complete development packs will result in quicker turnaround times for approvals.

    Developments - Minimum Documentation Required

    All Banks Additional Documents

    Company Registration Documents
    Professional Indemnity Cover Insurance
    Full CV of Development Company (including Directors/Members)
    SARS Letter of Goodstanding & Profile
    Site Plan and Location (Gated Estate boundary wall and guardhouse)
    Pricelist (including breakdown of unit no’s and sizes)
    Optional Extras
    Floor Plans
    Building Program/Schedule
    NHBRC Certificate
    Copy of Building Contract
    Copy of OTP/Sale Agreement
    Developer’s Declaration Form
    Zoning Details/Certificate
    Council/Provincial Approval of development (record of decision)

    Standard Bank
    • Environmental impact assessment report
    • BB BEE Rating Certificate
    Standard Bank/RMB
    • Geotech report
    • Flood Line Diagram
    • Builders All Risk Policy
    • Professional Engineer’s Certificate
    • Approval from 2 other financial institutions

    HIP - backed by Old Mutual
    • Certified Copy of Registration Documents
    • BB BEE Rating Certificate
    • Latest audited financials (not older than 12 months)
    Ithala (KZN only)
    • Environmental impact assessment report
    • ​BB BEE Rating Certificate


    How We Assist - End User Bond Approval

    Pre-submission checks to qualify purchasers:

    • Instantaneous credit score “pings”
    • Full credit profile report and analysis
    • Affordability assessments to pre qualify the purchaser for a certain loan amount

    Streamlined application process:

    • Pre-submission documents used where applicable
    • Evidence based verification of applicant’s data
    • Pre empt bank requests for additional documentation

    With the necessary documentation received from the purchaser, we can do:

    • Pre-qualification Certificates within 24 hours
    • First home loan application response within 48 hours

    Legal Compliance - NHBRC

    NHBRC National Homebuilders Registration Council:

    • Promotes ethical and technical standards;
    • Holds homebuilders accountable for the homes they build; and
    • Provides sanctions for non compliance.

    A financial institution cannot lend money to a person to purchase a new home from a development if:

    • The Developer AND Builder are not registered with the NHBRC
    • The home has not been enrolled with the NHBRC
    • The relevant fees have not been paid to the NHBRC

    The Housing Consumers Protection Measures Act 95 of 1998 requires Builders to be registered with the NHBRC. The Act was introduced into our law to protect housing consumers and establish the NHBRC as the regulatory body of the homebuilding industry.

    Streamlined Application process

    • Fillable PDFs with digital signatures
    • Ease of transition from pre qual to application
    • Minimum required information from the applicant
    • We source and verify remaining information from OTP, payslips, bank statements, credit reports, etc.

    Bond & Property Registration

    The property transfer and bond will be registered simultaneously at the dedicated Deeds Office following completion of all required documentation from the seller and purchaser.

    Mortgage Loan Originators in South Africa

    Phoenix Bonds can assist package developments all over South Africa.

    We currently work with Van Deventers & Van Deventers Inc to offer the “ OneTeam OneService ” initiative in the following regions: 

    • Gauteng
    • North West
    • Limpopo
    • Western Cape